John Selby is a survivor, which considering the year that we’re having currently, just about everyone could claim that title. Having succeeded in a number of fields, including small business owner and golf course consultant. His trek into a writing career had its origins in John’s greatest battle. In 2016, he was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer with a life expectancy of six months. 

To help cope, this native Kansan dove into this new headspace by jotting down his thoughts and feelings.


As he navigated his mortality for the first time, this therapeutic stream-of-consciousness eventually became his first book, Mortal Musings: Waiting for Dawn. An avid collector of sci-fi books, John has been dividing his time between fiction and non-fiction writing. He has since completed the memoir Dusty Plains and Wartime Planes, as well as the young adult sci-fi novel, Duty and Defiance. 

John is the father to two adult children, Matthew and Elizabeth. He enjoys weekend getaways when he can find the time. He continues to defy the odds daily. 

In addition to his writing, John is a part-time editor for BlkDog Publishing. John loves working with new authors to reach their goals. John holds a master's degree in psychology from the University of Kansas. Go Jayhawks!  He currently resides in Columbus, Georgia with his wife, Holly.