Dusty Plains & Wartime Planes

The men and women who fought in World War II are often referred to as “The Greatest Generation,” and for good reason. Before ever stepping onto the battlefield, most had survived The Great Depression, and if they happened to live in the Midwest, The Dust Bowl. Such was the case with my father. Dad grew up in poverty in rural Kansas with no electricity or plumbing, not even an outhouse.


While in college he became a pilot, and then joined the Army Air Force shortly before WWII. For someone who never fired a gun or received enemy gunfire, he had one of the most amazing service records. He managed two of the most famous airfields in the world – Heathrow and Le Bourget -- then became one of the first Americans to visit Hitler’s bunker only a couple of days after his suicide.

From Dusty Plains to Wartime Planes is educational, moving and highly entertaining. This first person account includes some of the most famous periods and places in our nation’s history, including the Dust Bowl, The Great Depression, World War II, Heathrow, Normandy, Le Bourget, and Hitler’s Bunker. The storyline is supplemented with historical notes and fascinating photos.

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