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Duty and Defiance
Book 1 of the Zanchee Chronicles

Earth is in trouble.  The Zanchee can help. But will they?  Is it Sen? Zanchee projections show a terrorist will set off a nuclear bomb near LA with catastrophic results, but their laws prohibit intervention.  Axel, the teenage son of the Zanchee leader, refuses to accept the inevitable and risks everything to stop it. He hatches a plan to defy his father and skirt Zanchee law to save humanity.


Only it requires help from both his cat-like mentiot companion, Chermal and a human teenager with psychic potential.  Oh yes, and the fleet's only time-warp ship.  

In the process of trying to save mankind, Axel's human partner, Jeff must choose whether to stop the terrorist, or save his friends who are being held hostage by drug dealers.

John Selby brings this unique world to life with rich characters and vivid language. This exciting new sci-fi work will be released in print by The Wild Rose Press on August 5th, 2020. The paperback will be available online and in stores. 

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