We offer both professional editing and Ghost writing services.

I am currently working as an editor for Blkdog Publishing.  Being an author as well as an editor for a publisher, I understand what publishers are seeking.  My twenty-five years’ experience gives me the expertise to help you put forth the best product possible. 

Services include:
Beta reading/ composition feedback
Content editing

I can customize the services to fit your needs, including providing comprehensive editing combining all three services for one low price.

Ghost Writing
Need help putting your ideas on paper?  Whether you need a gentle push, partial rewrite or a complete manuscript, I can help, regardless of the type of writing required.  I spend the time to get to know you and understand how you communicate and if available, your writing style so I can write in a way that reflects you not me. 

Genres include:

  • Non-Fiction

  • Memoir/Biograph

  • Historical

  • Professional

  • Technical

  • Business

  • Scientific

  • Fiction

  • Science Fiction

  • Paranormal

  • Everything else!

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