As snow falls, a shadowy figure murders psychiatrist David Reynolds.  As Reynolds approaches the light, he suddenly finds himself seeing through the eyes of his killer.  His essence is imprisoned in his killer’s body who is unaware of his presence.

David realizes he must be in this position for a reason.  First he must solve the mystery of why he was killed, then figure out a way to prevent his killer from killing again.

David learns he was the victim of misidentification and that his killer was a Navy Seal. When his Host falls asleep, David gains partial control over Host’s movement. Over several nights, he can access Host’s computer,  only to discover there are no personal files, emails, etc.  David may be a spirit, but Host is a ghost. 

The intended victim was Donald McFadden, David’s wife’s divorce attorney, who is having an affair with Host’s ex, Amy, David’s attorney. 

Host meets Susie, Amy’s best friend, who is attracted to him, and they become friendly.  Host’s former commander appears and convinces Host to see a shrink.  There it is revealed that host had suffered a horrible tragedy which led to his becoming a murderer.

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